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2019 POCKET SQUARE RULES: Italo Ferretti’s tips and tricks




Throughout the years the historical use to wear a pocket square (the white, handkerchief-style pocket square) for dinner parties and formal occasions got more and more frequent till becoming a must-have man accessory. Today, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear a pocket square in your everyday life just as much as you do with your shoes.

Chachemir, linen, Cotton, Silk are the best material you could possibly choose for your pocket square: they look and feel luxurious, elegant, chic and therefore are highly sought after.

If your question is which colour to choose for your pocket square, well, it depends on your personality, on the colour of your jacket/suit, and sometimes also on the occasion. In general, if you prefer a subtle look, just choose a pocket square lighter than your jacket by a shade or two, or a small polka-dots pattern style, and go for a classic flat fold.

Here you can check out some POLKA DOTS POCKET SQUARES

Mr Italo Ferretti suggests matching monochrome shades pocket squares with black or grey suits, for instance, vibrant and bold red adds visual interest to vivid blue suits, particularly in Summer. Formal occasions require white pocket squares, but a white pocket square with small polka-dots or a light pattern or a coloured edging will provide a perfect business look.

Regarding the pockets squares folding, a puff fold can also offer a more nonchalant approach to formal dressing than the classic flat fold. There are so many you can learn to do yourself, the most famous pocket square foldings are: the Square Fold, the Presidential Pocket Square, the Two Point Fold, the Three Point Fold, the Four Point Fold, the Cagney Fold, the Puff Fold, The Winged Puff Fold, the Scallop Fold, the Dunaway Fold. Challenge yourself and experiment a new folding every day!

How to match tie and pocket square

If you want to have a vintage look, just coordinate your outfit matching your pocket square and tie or bow tie. If instead, you want to impress for being highly modern and charmante, then it’s more complicated… The pocket square’s purpose is to harmonize or contrast with your other accessories.

If you want to be at the top of your style game, chose a pocket square with a pattern, then pick a colour from that palette and match it to a primary colour in your tie.

It’s all in the details, there is no reason to be afraid to bring out an accent of colour on a plain shirt. The burgundy jacket and the checked light brown tie are complemented by the yellows of the pocket square. However, there is also the pop of gold that contrasts the dark colour of the suit and it is similar to the lightest colour of the tie’s pattern. Just go for it and experiment with lively colours and spirited prints.

More tips and tricks on how to match your tie and pocket square are:

  • Never exaggerate with the patterns, some items of your outfit has to be flat coloured
  • Matching directly your tie and pocket square will make you look vintage.
  • A silk pocket square has to be 33cm x 33cm (13.5 inches) or it is likely to slip down into your pocket
  • Chose the perfect fold to the occasion. The more flamboyant is the occasion, the more puffed your folding can be. The simplest puff fold consists pinching the centre of the square and then twisting or folding it so that the corners are at the bottom and the central design remains visible. That pocket square folding works for most situations from the office through to a summer wedding.
  • White. White pocket squares work just fine with every jackets and ties, you can never be wrong with a white pocket square, of course, we are giving for granted you are wearing a white shirt!

CONTACT us for more tips and tricks on how to chose and match your pocket square, we will be more than happy to give your look a new fresh impact.

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