Anthony Barbuto wearing Italo Ferretti Tie and Pocket Square

Anthony Barbuto wears Italo Ferretti

Anthony Barbuto is not only an American lawyer and social media personality, but he is also an Italian Enthusiast.

From his blog called “Italian Enthusiast” (, Anthony writes exclusively about authentic Italian culture to predominantly an American audience, although his readership is worldwide.  As a blogger, he shares his experiences in Italy in not only written form, but also through photographs and videos, all of which have been received with remarkable interest from like-minded Italian Enthusiasts internationally.  The blog presents information on general Italian lifestyle, including men’s fashion, travel, culture, food, language, and so on.  Anthony, like a true Italian at heart, is also a Fashion lover and has a FASHION section on his blog where he features some of his favorite brands, clothing and accessories – a reason we like him even more!

Below is a photo of Anthony Barbuto wearing an Italo Ferretti tie from the Spring Summer collection.

Indeed, Anthony is in love with our Belpaese, with an apparent strong connection with his Italian origins.  He blogs about Italy not from the perspective of a paid travel blogger with the goal of selling a specific product or service.  To the contrary, Anthony blogs with no restrictions, often addressing nuances of Italian culture that are seldom addressed, or sometimes even criticized or misunderstood.  The important thing is that he writes from the heart, with the goal of being authentic.

Read his blog article addressing Italo Ferretti here:

Anthony’s maternal and paternal great-grandparents were Italian from Sicily, Apulia and Campania.  They moved to the United States to look for opportunities and now Anthony is taking a reverse journey back to Italy, making it a point to raise his children with Italian culture.  Although Anthony resides most of the year near Miami, he spends 2-months per year in Florence, where he married in 2015.  His children, Leonardo, 3, and Sofia, 2, already speak better Italian than he does.

In addition to his blog, Anthony has also expanded his social media presence onto platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok, where he has accumulated over 2 million fans!  Even in Anthony’s comical TikTok videos, he likes to incorporate an Italian theme, especially when posting from Italy.  On Facebook and Instagram, he is known as @italianenthusiast, and on TikTok, he is simply known as @thelawyer.

Overall, the Italo Ferretti community supports Anthony Barbuto as a fellow Italian Enthusiast, and most of all, we admire his taste in men’s ties and accessories!

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