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Italo Ferretti’s BULL Collection is inspired to the stock market rising’s icon and symbol. These unique and exclusive ties decorated with the bull pattern, and the signature of the most important stock markets on the planet, are the perfect gift and lucky charm for all the passionate stock market investors around the world. The unique silk ties are characterized by the Bull symbol, either printed or embroidered on the tie. The bull-patterned ties are in the color of the related stock market’s country, and they are customizable to have the perfect and unique characteristics for all the brilliant investors out there who have the ability to analyze opportunities from different angles, minimize risks, and maximizing returns. Italo Ferretti’s Bull Collection Tie is the finest choice for all the future’s  Jesse Livermore, Peter Lynch, George Soros, or Warren Buffett. The Bull Collection Ties are carefully handmade in Italy by our experienced Italian tailors.

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