Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, wears Italo Ferretti ties

Those who follow us know how much we value the confidentiality of our highly valued customers who honor us with their preference. In the last few months on the web there has been a lot of talking about Donald Trump and his unusual habit of fixing his ties with the adhesive tape.
The pictures of his fluttering neckties because of the strong wind are now famous worldwide, with the tassel fixed with the transparent tape. In some of these photos our ties can be clearly recognized, as in this case:
Donald Trump is just the last of many world-renowned personalities who have been demanding our custom accessories for years, appreciating the passion, craftsmanship and professionalism that we put into the realization of our products, totally hand-made by our master tailors.
The President chooses Italo Ferretti ties in fine silk, extra long and personalized, produced in our laboratories in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo.
Our ties, as well as the unique style and manufacture of the world, are also unique because of our exclusive patents.
Mr. Trump has probably solved the fluttering tie issues thanks to our patent no. 0233119, the “Navetta”. What is it about? It is a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keep the tie in its proper position: it consists of a loop of the same fabric as the tie, provided with a buttonhole in which to pass the button of the shirt.
A valid and intelligent alternative solution to the tie holder.

Below are some of the newspaper headlines we mentioned

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