Golden Globes 2020: a look at the best-dressed men and their accessories

The first of the annual most important cinema prizes just took place in America: The Golden Globes 2020. It’s the first red-carpet of the year and so one of the most important for what might be coming on all the future events.

For those who are not familiar with it, this event is a more relaxed and “informal” (to put it mildly) than the Oscars, the red-carpet of Globe shaped prizes awarded to the leading exponents of cinema and TV series, offers the opportunity to experiment, while planning the screen most important red carpet of the year, the Academy Awards.

That being said, a tuxedo is required, let’s say it’s compulsory. Yet somehow, these stars manage to pull it out even with more eccentric and/or informal ensemble. Here are some of the most important actors’ outfits from the night, let’s have a closer look at their man accessories.

Droopy bow-tie for Thom Hanks – Honored with Life achievement award, and Jay-Z

Mr. Tom Hanks chose a droopy bow tie, the perfect accent to an already impeccable look. Peculiar yet elegant and with a dandy edge, it’s definitely the right choice to complement his personality. Mr. Jay Z (scorted by his incredible wife Beyonce)made the same choice to highlight his velvet suit. Discover the endless fabric varieties you could customize in that bow-tie model here.

Double knot bow-tie for Joaquim Phoenix – Best Actor, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio

Mr. Phoenix, prized for his sunning role in the movie Joker, opted for a timeless elegant double knot silk bow-tie. Same style choice for Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio (prized for Once upon a time in Hollywood, Q. Tarantino) and two of the very rare men who look at home wearing a tuxedo. You just can’t be wrong with such a classic; like it? Take a look at Italo Ferretti‘s double knot bowtie here.

Purple tuxedo and double panels bow-tie for Wesley Snipes

Risultati immagini per wesley snipes golden globes

Mr. Snipes has the merit for his deep purple tux and frilled shirt combo. The perfect color to be the center of attention yet keeping the look formal and exquisite. A big double panels bow-tie is what was needed for such a great red-carpet outfit.

Standard black necktie for Rami Malek

The young Oscar winner actor is one of the rare guests of the Golden Globes who chose a simple black silk 7 cm wide necktie. The tie size is right for a not very tall guy, thou the length should have been at least 5 cm shorter, to make him look groomed and not “shabby”.

No accessories for Rick Gervais – 5th-time host of the Golden Globe awards

We are very sorry we must point the finger to Rick Gervais for his incomplete and too unformal look choice. A black silk tie or, better a black silk bow-tie was a duty. If it was for us, we just wouldn’t let him host the show!

Need for inspiration? Check out all the Italo Ferretti bow-ties collection here

The men featured in this article are not associated with and do not endorse Italo 
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