How to look and dress like a true Gentleman by Italo Ferretti

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” That is what Oscar Wilde said once. Considering we live in a world that has completely forgotten what being a gentleman really meant, it is possible you might need to read our fashion blog article to upgrade your manliness.  What the world (and women) need to see today is a stylish Gentleman, because however cultural habits might change, there are a few things that never do: elegance, refinement, confidence, charm.

Even though you find it hard to believe, you can still turn into a charming handsome prince, a proper gentleman of modern times.

FW1920 Collection by Italo Ferretti
Italo Ferretti – Fall Winter 2019 2020

Let’s start from the basics on how to style like a true Italo Ferretti Gentleman:

Rule n.1 – Behavior

To be a gentleman, first of all, you have to be careful not to hurt or offend anyone, and being “gentle” helping out people around if you can, as defined by the first term in the word ‘gentleman’. Kindness and politeness should fuse into your soul. Be always respectful because at the end of the day people will remember your actions, not your words. Needless to say you must turn your phone silent to let the person know he/she is important. Punctuality should be engraved in your brain because a gentleman never keeps a person waiting.

FW1920 Collection by Italo Ferretti
Italo Ferretti – Fall Winter 2019 2020

Rule n.2 – Personality

Being genuine and dignified reveals a lot about you, and not feeling the need to show off, being mysterious will leave a good impression on anyone (and will show you perfectly know the difference between confidence and arrogance). A real gentleman is confident and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Simple gestures such as firm handshake and a strong eye contact whenever meeting someone for the first time will sure impress the other person.

Rule n.3 – Style

The first impression is what lasts. You can deny it but we assure you that it is a fact. Your look does matter. A true gentleman is always decent and presentable. That doesn’t mean wearing a suit 24/7, but keeping your beard and hair clean and neat. A refined man also smells good at all times and that’s the first step on the road to “charming prince”.


Let’s go a little deeper on this aspect and find out how to dress like a gentleman.

FW1920 by Italo FerrettiBold monochrome

Which one could be the best attire? Truth is you first must find your own style. Otherwise, you’ll always be confused about what to wear. We won’t pretend to have THE PERFECT GUIDE OF HOW TO DRESS LIKE A GENTLEMAN, but sure we have some “experience” we are pleased to share with you.

FW1920 by Italo FerrettiRegimental

A fitted suit, clean shoes, quality shirt, and classy Italo Ferretti silk accessories will, of course, make people turn around in awe. And here comes the statement at the opening of this article. The right tie can do so much more than you think. The details, indeed encompass a major role in giving you the complete gentleman look. The finest luxury appearance.

FW1920 by Italo FerrettiMicro polka dots

A perfect tie can give the edgiest look, instantly transforming your look into confident, elegant and refined at the same time. When choosing a necktie, it is required pure silk and also a perfect knot, which to be so should leave the necktie end right in the center of your belt, while pulled tightly so as to leave no gaps between the shirt and tie.

FW1920 by Italo FerrettiSmall fantasy pattern

Go for that Italo Ferretti gentleman look in the full best way, the pocket of your jacket should never go empty, you need the accessory created to decorate it, the extremely charming pocket square that adds grace and vivacity to any outfit.

So yes, a dimpled tie is all you need to add the required class to your perfect Italo Ferretti Gentleman look. You will be astounded by the response you get just following those first simple rules.

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