Italo Ferretti – Fashion is…a cherry leads to another

In the hot days of May and June, in the headquarters of Italo Ferretti, a stone’s throw from the sea and the white sand beaches of Silvi Marina, in the heart of Abruzzo, it is possibile to meet Mr. Italo walking in the garden of his showroom,reaching for ripe cherries hanging from his beloved trees.
Italo Ferretti, in fact, besides fashion, has a deep passion for one of the most famous red fruits in the world, cherry.

That’s why several years ago he commissioned his trusted gardener to buy several varieties of cherriesfrom the area surrounding the city of Modena, home to the famous “Duroni di Vignola”, so that he could be able enjoy this fruit at any time, from May to June.
The cherry, the unmistakable red color and the almost always round shape, is the fruit of the summer season.
Its ancient origins are enclosed in the name “Cerasicola”, which identifies the type of culture and derived from the Greek “kèrasos”, in turn related to the Turkish city Cherasonte.
According to some Latin historians, including Pliny the Elder, it is from these areas that the first cherries, spread throughout the Asian continent, would be imported. The cherry’s world is extremely vast, but it is possible to group this fruit in two varieties:
The Prunus Avium, or sweet cherry, from which tenerine and duracine are born, and the Prunus asprum, from which maraschas, cherries and vineyardscome, all typologies in which the predominant flavor is on the acid side.
About 20 trees were planted in Italo Ferretti’s property, including 5 that were located right around the showroom.

So between a sketch, an order and an interview, every now and then Italo and his sons Carlo, Federico and Giacomo take a deserved break. Armed with an Italo Ferretti branded shopper instead of the classic wiker basket, they have a nice time picking cherries directly from their own garden.

Maybe one day these beautiful fruits could even become source of inspiration for a new collection of ties, who knows…
In the meantime, we have selected for you some ties with colors reminescent of the beauty of the cherry and of the spring / summer season, to give a lively and versatile touch to a classic and sophisticasted look.

Have a good shopping!

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