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Italo Ferretti’s Ties to conquer China

The premier Chinese luxury and lifestyle magazine “Elite” discovers Italo Ferretti

A history made of tradition, elegance and high quality: that of Italo Ferretti. That is how the luxury magazine “Elite” celebrates the brand, dedicating a wonderful article to it in the May-June 2017 issue. The article is available in both Chinese and English versions at this address: www.elite-magazine.com.

Overcoming the stereotype that for years has pictured China as both a producer and consumer of cheap products, the country has lately revealed itself as one of the new reference markets for Made in Italy and high-quality fashion.
In what is known to be the homeland of silk and, historically, precious craftsmanship, Elite’s portrait of Italo Ferretti is a true tribute to the tradition of excellence of said brand, born in Abruzzo, in the heart of Italy itself. Italo Ferretti is, in fact, deservingly showcased as a top-level brand in the Italian and international luxury landscape.


The article emphasizes the story of the company, its strong link with the original territory, which led the founder to choose Silvi Marina as the landscape for his atelier.
Moreover, the magazine likes to emphasize one of the primary characteristics of the brand: every single product is and has always been handmade respecting the utmost standards of quality and attention to detail.

The experience of the old sartorial tradition has been handed down by Italo Ferretti to his children, beginning with Carlo, current CEO of the family business. The article reports a fitting anecdote about Carlo’s childhood: he had spent ten years in the tailor’s lab at the family company where, besides playing, he could observe prestigious artisans working on fabrics and silk with a most passionate flair, the same flair and passion that from 1967 until now has made Italo Ferretti a successful company in the international luxury landscape.
In addition to the aforementioned passion, Elite points out that there are few firms that can boast eight international patents guaranteeing not only the exclusivity, but above all a standard of quality among the highest in the world for every luxury product.


Italo Ferretti has always been able to count on prestigious clients, as state leaders and well-known faces of the show business and international sport characters choose his accessories. The prime example of that is represented by the current US President, Donald Trump, that during his presidential election wore a red tie featuring the patent known as Italo Ferretti’s “Navetta”: a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.
Therefore according to the magazine Elite, Italo Ferretti undoubtedly represents the peak of Italian luxury, as he has managed to pour his heart in his business while at the same time involving his family, laying the foundations for success over the years.

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