Luxury men’s solid color bespoke silk ties by Italo Ferretti

Luxury men’s solid color bespoke silk ties by Italo Ferretti

Choose the best made in Italy solid color bespoke silk ties

Looking for your next favourite solid color bespoke silk tie? Look no further than our Presidential Collection. Inspired by some of our most affictionate clients – heads of state and VIPs of the last 30 years from all over the wold – the Presidential Collection is a selection of the most sought after solid color bespoke silk ties we have in our extensive catalogue of luxury fabrics.

When you order an Italo Ferretti solid color bespoke silk tie you are choosing a unique product of the finest quality, that is entirely hand made in Italy by master tailors. The special handwork and the silks used enhance softness and strength of the fabric. Moreover, Italo Ferretti’s exclusive patents, such as the balanced tip, the anti-crease stitching and the special tie holder called “navetta” all contribute to create a bespoke silk tie that falls perfectly and is a unique pleasure both to wear and to behold.

How Italo Ferretti’s unique patents make for the best bespoke silk ties

Thanks to the reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, to 3 additional sewings and to double flaps, Italo Ferretti ties are much more balanced and stable. At the same time, the Anti-crease Seam makes Italo Ferretti sartorial ties rest perfectly neat and smooth under the collar. All Italo Ferretti handmade ties are further enhanced by a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.

Ready to stand out? Choose your Italo Ferretti solid color bespoke silk tie now!

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