Sartorial silk tie 409160-6

Patterned sartorial silk tie in precious satin silk by Italo Ferretti. Suitable for any situation, from business engagements to formal occasions, this product is unique in its kind. Italo Ferretti’s Sartorial ties are meticulously handmade in Silvi Marina, Italy.


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Italo Ferretti boasts several patents that make our bespoke ties truly unique and exclusive, with a quality standard among the highest in the world, and a comfort like no other. Thanks to the reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, to 3 additional sewings and to double flaps, Italo Ferretti ties are much more balanced and stable. At the same time, the Anti-crease Seam makes Italo Ferretti sartorial ties rest perfectly neat and smooth under the collar. All Italo Ferretti handmade ties are further enhanced by a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.





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