Silk mini Whish List Diary – Red and black stripes and polka dots pattern

Red and black stripes and polka dots pattern – hardcover mini wish list notebook covered in 100% silk fabric. Wish list hardcover mini diary in precious silk satin, luxurious and elegant. Dedicated to those who still believe that ‚paper sings‘ and that the old fashioned ways, sometimes, have a magic and more refined allure. The chic and nostalgic mood of this unique notebook by Italo Ferretti will be the perfect gift for a precious occasion, or your old-fashioned luxury treat to bring with you every day and on which to write down all your dreams and your life bucket list. Italo Ferretti Wish list notebook are meticulously handmade at the Silvi Marina headquarters in Italy.

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Italo Ferretti exclusive handmade creations are made with excellent quality standards which are among the highest in the world. Precious silks and more luxurious fabrics such as cashmere or virgin wool are the first materials used by Italo Ferretti to produce his unique works. Not only neckties and bow-ties, but scarves, polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, and more, even perfumes. Each piece customizable in every detail to give life to the perfect item for each and every client. Italo Ferretti believes luxury lies in details, that’s why every small adjustment is another little step towards perfection. Italo Ferretti products, handmade in Italy, are among the best in the world for quality, style, design, and manufacture.



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