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Regimental stripes neckties: why, when and how to use it.

Repp tie
Its origins, indeed stem from the UK’s regimental stripe ties of the turn of the twentieth century. The stripes were angled from left to right (from “heart to sword”) in a nod to their fighting roots.
Hence the proverb “to earn your stripes”, wearing it would show the association with a regiment, and also point out a sign of distinction.
As schools and social clubs adopted the trend, the look was increasingly fashionable among civilians. Wearing accessories in a specific set of colors became a way of displaying a social status. That’s when Americans inverted the direction of the stripes, to instead go from right to left, giving birth to a new style icon for the new world. That change also paved the way for the tie’s gradual introduction into men’s sartorial world without conflicting with traditions.

Today, the striped rep tie has been a favorite of everyone from U.S. presidents to pop-art stars. and also of a businessman in search of the perfect statement piece to wear in the boardroom.

The traditional regimental stripe neckties are characterized by slightly thinner diagonal stripes, a less shiny silk fabric, and regimental colors of olive green, maroon, navy blue, and yellow characterize the regimental tie.

When choosing such a classic British look necktie, it’s better to match it with classic shirts: an oxford shirt with buttoned-down collars and a navy blue or gray suit or, why not, even a classic sport coat jacket.

Regimental ties

Regimental/club ties usually come in one, two, or multiple colors i.e. a colored background with different stripe scale and spacing

How to Wear regimental stripe ties

The importance and the beauty of these luxury ties lie in the fact that they have stood the test of time. Regimental or club silk ties are among the most versatile pieces of neckwear thanks to the simplicity of its design to be paired with more casual outfits (even with wide patterns), and its historical association keeps it on the formal side too.

When less colorful they suit elegant occasions and looks. Fun fact but also a useful tip, bold and wide stripes neckties are suitable for tall fit men while diagonal thinner stripes ties are a slimming trick for stockier men, as well as ideal for shorter men.

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