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The Bull Run Collection, and the Stock Market investors’ inspiration behind it

The Bull Collection by Italo Ferretti is famous for being quite unique and specifically inspired by legendary investors in the world and dedicated to the most important stock markets:

Elegant luxury tie with micro dots and embroidered bull icon, stock market rising’s symbol – S & P 500 index of New York Stock Exchange
Elegant luxury tie with micro dots and embroidered bull icon, stock market rising’s symbol – SENSEX index of Indian stock exchange
Italian handmade luxury tie with all over bull icon and gold coins print, stock market rising symbol

Italo Ferretti’s BULL Collection is inspired to the stock market rising‘s icon and symbol. These unique and exclusive ties decorated with the bull pattern, and the back signature of the most important stock markets on the planet, are the perfect gift and lucky charm for all the passionate stock market investors around the world. And also all those inspired by the top investors in the world. The unique silk ties are characterized by the Bull symbol, either printed or embroidered on the handmade ties. The limited-edition bull-patterned ties are in the color of the related stock market’s countries. The printed silk ties are also customizable to have the perfect and unique measurements and characteristics for all the brilliant investors out there who have the ability to analyze opportunities from different angles, minimize risks, and maximizing returns.

Elegant luxury tie with micro dots and embroidered bull icon, stock market rising’s symbol – NIKKEI 225 index of Tokyo stock exchange


Elegant luxury tie with micro dots and embroidered bull icon, stock market rising’s symbol – FTSE MIB index of Milan stock exchange

Italo Ferretti’s Bull Run Tie is the finest gift and lucky charm present for all the future’s Jesse Livermore, Peter Lynch, George Soros, or Warren Buffett. Italo Ferretti Bull Collection futures ties dedicated to the most important stock markets: Italian FTSE MIB, American S & P 500, Brasilian BOVESPA, Indian SENSEX, Japanese NIKKEI 225, SSE SHANGHAI COMPOSITE index of China and more.

Several eminent people in the world of investment, have left their mark and impact creating wealth not only for themselves but also for others. They are known as the legends of trading, each of them with their own formula for success, and unique style of investing. Italo Ferretti’s Bull Collection takes inspiration from 5 legendary investors:
Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men and perhaps the most influential investor.
“Invest in the companies, not the stocks”
Peter Lynch, he started as a research analyst and managed one of the most successful mutual funds of all time.
“Look around you and see what people are buying and consuming, then buy the shares of those companies”
George Soros, he bet against the Pound Sterling and made about a billion dollars in the process.
“Being a hedge fund manager, my investing style is more short term in nature, and requires a high appetite for risk”
John Templeton, he can identify little-known companies and buying their shares cheap. Once these companies become successful, he sits on a pile of money.
“Buy low, sell high”
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, aka India’s Warren Buffett, built his wealth and holdings, by buying and holding on to good stocks. He is what is known as a ‘value investor’.
“invest in companies that create value for their shareholders”

Which legendary investor’s footsteps would you follow? The Bull Collection Neckties are carefully handmade in Italy by our experienced Italian tailors. Shop now online your exclusive lucky tie by Italo Ferretti

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