The future meaning of LUXURY

Looking at the definition of the word “luxury“, we find that the word means “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”. Often seen as a condition or situation of wealth or more often, something that is expensive and not necessary. Other times the word luxury represents something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available.

It originates from the Latin words luxuria meaning excess and Luxus meaning extravagance, yet it eventually came to mean opulence or splendor. Originally, luxury goods were only those created with craftsmanship, however, this all changed with the rise of mass production in the Industrial Revolution and the globalization of commerce. Consumers can now easily obtain the same luxury items worldwide by ordering online from various platforms, so from a certain point of view, it is hard to consider those goods luxurious.

Plus, luxury most of the time is not necessarily elegance, and today luxury involves exclusiveness, and not because it is addressed to few people because it’s special instead. Handmade is luxury. A product is luxe when it is hand-made, durable because it’s made using top-quality raw materials, using centuries-long sartorial tradition, and when it’s bespoke, tailored, and made to measure. Luxury means uniqueness.

Moreover “luxury is in the details”. With tastes becoming increasingly sophisticated, consumers are seeking authenticity and craftsmanship, every product should tell a story. Personalization is also a key luxury trend, and a high-end brand such as Italo Ferretti offers full customization of some of the world’s most iconic ties and silk accessories. Italy is considered the strongest country in design, Italo Ferretti ties got indeed a trademark and patent, designed and registered in the ’90s by Italo Ferretti himself (He recently passed away at 78 – Read More HERE).

Defining luxury is a complex task as it means different things to different people – whether time, craftsmanship, or customized service, and we hope that in the future it will strongly include sustainability. Luxury meaning purity and class, as in living a conscious, sophisticated, elegant life. Today sustainability is very important for manufacturers, as it’s increasingly important to consumers worldwide.

Millennials and Gen Z evaluate brands on their sustainable credentials, together with their online services. Sustainable development, especially in the world of fashion, means development aimed at satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Choosing a high-quality (read luxury) product means choosing a strong, lasting item that can be worn for many years without losing its shape, preciousness, beauty, and refinement.

Textile innovation is pushing towards a more ethical and sustainable future of fashion since our planet is visibly in danger and the fashion industry is in the spotlight as it is considered the second most polluting in the world. Choosing fabrics in pure silk, pure cashmere, pure wool means actively contributing to sustainability, and we are very proud 97% of Italo Ferretti products are made of 100% silk, 100% cashmere, 100% virgin wool.

The path towards achieving global sustainability, to reduce the impact on the environment, also represents a social challenge that goes hand in hand with the digitalization of the systems (that Italo Ferretti is working on with the full renovation and upgrade of the e-shop and it also involves lifestyles and critical consumption. To live in a more sustainable way, a simple and effective strategy is to consume less, use e-commerces when possible, and choose luxury products (read: high quality) that last over time.

Let’s give the word luxury a new positive meaning to be proud of, and let-s act accordingly for the sake of our future.


In the pictures, Italo Ferretti Products in the making, Photo credit: Giulio d’Adamo

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