Welcome to the new online Luxury Store by Italo Ferretti, Masterpieces of Timeless Style

We are pleased to welcome you to Italo Ferretti’s new online luxury store!

The new e-shop in based on an updated graphic theme, boasting a linear, modern and stylish design that allows the eye-catching, original colors of our products to stand out, and that is also very easy to navigate: it adapts itself to all devices, so you can go shopping for Made ​​in Italy luxury garments from your smartphone, too!
Italo Ferretti is a historic brand of Made in Italy fashion: all of the products manufactured and marketed by us are handmade by master italian tailors.
That’s how the finesthigh-performance fabrics, forged by skilled hands, strong and gentle as the people of Abruzzo, become masterpieces of timeless style.

Buy luxury clothing of unmistakable style

On our new luxury store you can buy exclusive luxury garments.

Ferretti ties are conceived as real pieces of art, starting from a sketch drawn by hand in hundreds of colors combinations.
Our fabrics have got the perfection that only hand printing can give. The dyed yarns are twisted by special tambours, that can protect and enhance the best silks, perfect combination of softness and strength.
Among the raw materials we use to create our ties with love and dedication there are silk, plissé, patchwork fabrics, woven textures and more.

Tradition welcomes innovation, combining style and elegance in search of innovative fabrics and original combinations. This is how plissé silk jacketsrevisited with an eye to fashion arise, through the combination with leather and innovative fabrics.

Egyptian cottons and fine silks: the most precious and sought after fabrics take on a new life, thanks to skilled and loving hands.
Collars, cuffs, bodies, racks, pockets are cut and sewn by hand and individually by master tailors and artisans, who create with great ability no more than 12 pieces a day.

Bow tiestuxedo cummerbundsclutch bags in different designs and color combinations, cashmere scarvessilk foulards: in the best tradition of Made in Italy, quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship give rise to true masterpieces of timeless style.


Start shopping right away

Search the luxury garments you want among: ties, jackets, shirts and accessories.
Browse our exclusive collections:

Create your own custom luxury fashion masterpiece

Another new feature of our e-store is the Customizer tool with which you can create custom Made in Italy luxury clothing, choosing from lots of options to design your perfect, unique look.
You can customize these garments:

• Ties
• Bow ties
• Clutch bags
• Coupled (tie and clutch)
• Plastrons

In addition to the fabric, color and size, you can customize your garment with your initials or the full name, logo or other prints. You can add precious Swarovski crystals and even choose between two boxes: traditional or with silk inside. The perfect solution if you want to gift someone special with a precious, unique custom made item!
The Customizer will be online in the next few days: get ready to create your custom luxury fashion masterpiece!


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