The most elegant knot of all it’s by people’s choice. Men would have indeed started to emulate the style of the Duke Of Windsor (King Edward VIII before his abdication) and his wide necktie knot. The full Windsor knot (here is also why to its Royal name) became therefore one of the most classic and instantly recognizable tie knots known to well-groomed men. 
It is actually the most difficult to make, compared to the simple and small knot, but perfect for long and very long ties. Italo Ferretti ties can be customized up to 200 cm, and they are perfect for Windsor Knot’s lovers. The half-Windsor knot is a little easier to make although a little more complex than the simple knot, and it is suitable for high business formal occasions and celebrations, while the Windsor knot is reserved for great formal occasions.
And, yes, if you are wondering which one is the best tie knot for a wedding, we believe that the Windsor knot is the best tie knot for a groom. It is elegant, solid, draws attention, and is perfect for formal occasions. 
Customize your Italo Ferretti tie with a little extra length when willing to make a Windsor knot with it, use the customization options available on each tie page, and purchase the perfect length for your Windsor Knot tie.

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