A brand New Collection inspired by Art and Paintings: ART Collection

A brand New Collection inspired by Art and PaintingsCOLLEZIONE ARTE

Inspired by renowned and famous paintings, and in particular by artworks from incredible artists as Michelangelo or Raffaello, and also from many impressionists‘ works, the Tie Sets from the ART Collection have been realized in 27 marvelous patterns, and only 4 Tie Sets and matching silk envelope bag for each print. An exclusive and limited edition collection dedicated to elegant gentlemen passionate about art and beauty.


To give these creations the ultimate preciousness, the packaging has been completely re-designed in a beautiful envelope with a flap panel and knotting strings, and it gives the bundle set just the right exquisite vintage and artistic vibe.
The ART Collection Tie Sets are the perfect gift for true collectors, a chic item for all the art estimators and admirers.

Luxury Tie Sets made with precious and unique Italo Ferretti silks, some with motifs freely drawn from famous impressionist paintings, in which the guiding heart of the themes are the colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. In other patterns, the prints are exact copies of grandiose paintings such as “The Creation of Eve” by Michelangelo, or “The School of Athens” by Raphael, and there are even patterns inspired by paintings with immortal themes as Flowers, Spring, and Geometries.

Just like all the Italo Ferretti boasts products, the ART Collection Luxury Tie Sets are realized with unique patents and with the highest quality standards in the world. Thanks to the reinforcement applied on the tail, the three additional seams, and the double turn-ups, Italo Ferretti ties are more balanced and stable than the common ones. In addition, the anti-crease seams make them perfectly smooth and regular under the collar. All Italo Ferretti ties are equipped with the exclusive ‘shuttle’, a special ring born from the genius of Mr. Italo, which keeps the tie in the correct position without the use of a tie clip.

The complete collection is available worldwide HERE, chose now your favorites, and reserve your exclusive pieces.

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