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Goodbye to Italo Ferretti: The King of Ties

Italo Ferretti dies at 78: goodbye to the founder of the luxury fashion company, made in Abruzzo-Italy, famous all over the world.

The sad announcement was made by his son Carlo, Federico and Giacomo, the entrepreneur was 78 years old.

Sunday 10 October 2021 – Considered the King of ties, successful entrepreneur and brilliant mind behind the patents of the products he made in the Santostefano company in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo- Italy.

Mr. Italo Ferretti

He had been hospitalized for days due to a worsening of his condition, passed away this morning in the hospital due to complications. At his bedside present his wife Sonia and their sons Carlo, Federico and Giacomo.

Proud to bring all over the world the great Made in Abruzzo tailoring, home of the Italo Ferretti brand that has grown and consolidated for two generations. Proud of his roots, of belonging to the region defined as the “pearl of the Adriatic”, Italo Ferretti reflected the strong and kind nature of the people of Abruzzo, and it is from here that he has always taken inspiration for his works. Since the 1970s he has enjoyed unparalleled success in men’s luxury accessories, winning over important clients, men of great power and prominent personalities all over the world; her silk accessories are the favorites of great Presidents, and prominent figures on the world political and economic scene.

Constantly in search of product innovations, such as to guarantee unparalleled quality, Italo Ferretti systematically dedicated his life to the development of new ways of creating and producing his luxury ties which today are the undisputed synonym of the highest Italian manufacturing, refinement and elegance.

International success for Italo Ferretti came thanks to his strong desire and determination to go beyond the borders of Italy. Toronto, Canada, quickly became its most important market and springboard for conquering the New World. The first exclusive Italo Ferretti collection that gave visibility and notoriety to the brand dates back to 1977/78, a period in which George Lucas became famous for the first film in the extraordinary Star Wars saga. Italo Ferretti had the intuition, the commercial flair and the genius to design and create a line of silk ties inspired by the famous moovie, immediately reaching enormous success.

The collaboration with Brioni in 1979 was important and lasted almost 30 years and, at the end of which Italo Ferretti devoted himself entirely to the consolidation of his brand on the international market, using all the product know-how gained over decades of success. Over the last decade, his son Carlo, and his brothers have carried on the family business, also giving it a digital and modern connotation with the opening of the italoferretti.com online e-shop; an ecommerce site from which it is possible to customize from sizes, colors, and every detail all the products still today made by the hands of expert tailors, according to the Italian tailoring tradition. The collection has been enriched with modern and refined clothing of the best quality and manufacture, polo shirts, blazers, t-shirts and above all silk and cotton shirts customized according to the most peculiar needs.

All Italo Ferretti products are unique pieces from the study of the model, to the refining of silk, from the creation of patterns and color variations, up to the luxury packaging in silk, also handmade in Abruzzo.

Italo Ferretti and his 3 sons in the early 80s in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo – Italy

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 12 October in the church of S.M.Assunta in Silvi Marina – Abruzzo

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