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The best handmade ties in the world

Discover the most exclusive, customizable, and unique silk accessories and clothing, handcrafted in Italy. Luxury products with uncompromised Italian quality, patented designs, and top Italian sartorial standards. Perfect fitting bespoke garments, for any size and any style. Italo Ferretti is a worldwide renowned story in Italian fashion history that starts in 1967and that is still true to the best manufacturing values and traditions.

Italo Ferretti: unique, exclusive, and timeless.

Our expert designers and tailors can make unique custom ties,  custom logo ties, or custom wedding ties. You can also design your own ties by customizing them in thousands of colors and silk fabrics. Choose from skinny, modern, or classic widths and never fall short with our length options from youth to extra-long. Create your unique custom necktie handmade in Italy. Discover how to customize your perfect accessory or clothing. MORE INFO

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Spring Summer 2023

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Ready to wear, and custom clothing
The particular attention to the patterns and colors of the fabric, together with the details obsession, and the Italian tailoring expertise give the garments a perfect fitting, and the fabulous luxury quality our demanding clients ask for. Discover the brand new IF ready to wear, in linen, silk, and cotton blend: the perfect choice for all men who desire a comfy outfit without sacrificing their elegance, refinement, and luxury style. Or choose the customizable clothing line by Italo Ferretti: silk and cotton t-shirts, polo shirts, silk shirts, silk blazers, velvet bomber jackets and more.

Unique Bow Ties

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Italian Handmade Luxury Ties

Italian Handmade Luxury Ties

A true unique piece

"Unique and exclusive" products: in our Headquarters no process is carried out in series or automated. Each step is carried out by the skilled hands of our collaborators, tailors, printers, and therefore all strictly by hand. For this reason, no piece can ever be identical to each other, each one will be unique and exclusive. Even the packaging, the boxes in lacquered cardboard, or covered in silk, are precious products handmade in our company. In fact, in addition to the products of the various collections, it is also possible to customize the shape, colour, logo style, dedication, signing, and every single detail of the packaging. Lately, the silk box matching the product on the inside is the best seller among all the variants.

Tie and Pocket Square Set

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Made in Abruzzo, Made in Italy

Abruzzo a region in the heart of Italy with great sartorial tradition, is our land. We are proud to bring the great Made in Abruzzo tailoring all over the world, Silvi is the city in which our company was born and in which, year after year, for two generations, it has grown and consolidated. We are very proud of our roots which is rightly called "the pearl of the Adriatic". The strong yet gentle nature of the people of Abruzzo has always inspired our work. The sea and the beaches with white, almost silvery sand, are a source of continuous inspiration and enrich us every day. The warm and welcoming hospitality typical of seaside towns, and of the whole Abruzzo region, is renewed in our customer service. In fact, we always try to be a strong reference point, trustworthy and reliable. Meeting the needs of our clients, be they customers or business partners, is part of our corporate mission, and our greatest pride.

Italo Ferretti Fragrance

"The Italo Ferretti FRAGRANCE reveals who you really are” says Lee Kynaston, famous English Blogger. It is like wearing an emotion in a liquid state, which manages to reveal your essence. It is characterized by woody olfactory notes, spiced with citrus and aromatic base and it immediately suggests refinement, preciousness, and an ancient and luxurious flavour. A rare and unmistakable perfume.
Today the Italo Ferretti fragrance is available in the 100ml size and as an ambient perfumer in the 250 ml size.

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A tie with 3 patents

by Mr. Italo himself

The Balanced Tie – Patent N ° 00065
The reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, the three additional sewings and the double flaps make the tail much more heavy and solid. Thanks to this particular patent, ties are much more balanced and stable.

The anti-crease seam
Thanks to the invention of the anti-crease seam, Italo Ferretti has managed to solve the problem of the “overlapping” fabric that usually occurs at the collar, turning into bulges that are both annoying and unsightly to the eye! Thanks to this invention and processing, the fabric remains perfectly neat and smooth under the collar, and also the tightness of the tie’s knot is favoured.

The Navetta – Patent N ° 0233119
All Italo Ferretti ties are embellished and further enhanced by the special Navetta, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keep the tie in its correct position. a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.

Style tips and Fashion News from Italo Ferretti

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The most elegant knot of all it’s by people’s choice. Men would have indeed start to emulate the style of the Duke Of Windsor (King Edward VIII before his abdication)…
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BREAKING NEWS – sewing pins and loose threads found in Italo Ferretti ties!
Some clients and some ties passionate might be very expert about neckties, though they may not know some peculiarities about handmade ties, especially Italo Ferretti’s patented neckties. There are tiny…
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Sustainability is more than a goal, it is a constant in Italo Ferretti's activity, and in all three of its forms:
environmental, ethical and economic.

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