How to order your unique custom silk necktie or bow tie from Italo Ferretti

Create your unique style with Italo Ferretti

Did you know on our ecommerce you can customize to details almost all our catalog of luxury handmade in italy ties, bow ties, ascots, silk shirts, and more?

It’s also very simple to purchase a unique custommade product on in every product page, such as this colorful silk tie here, for instance, before the “Add to basket” black button you’ll find a list of options to customize your one-of-a-kind luxury Italian necktie (or any other item on our catalog).

Continue reading to find out what options we make available to let you create your exclusive style with made in italy luxury neckties, and bow ties.

Custom Italian neckties, handmade by our tailors, following your unique desires

Here is the list of details you can decide before purchasing your handmade luxury accessory:

  • Length – the standard measure for ties is 150 cm (Read our Gentleman style article HERE to know your perfect tie length)
  • Width – the standard measure for ties is 8.5 cm (HERE you can learn which width is best for you)
  • Style: standard, pleated or seven folds ties are available on request
  • Swarovski crystals: we can apply Swarowski rhinestones (in a variety of patterns and shapes on demand) to make your necktie extra shiny and precious, to meet your glam moments needs. Or you can purchase your product as it is for a more sharp look.
  • Box: standard or luxury. It is possible to choose between our paper blue gift box or the luxury box which is covered in the same matching fabric of the chosen item. The ultimate perfect luxury gift.
  • Dedication: you can have any name, inscription, date or else on your favorite tie, or bow tie or pocket square, ascot, belt and more. You can also have the writing personalization on the inside of the luxury box.
  • Notes/Comment: feel free to use this text area for any further detail useful for our tailors or to send us the Initials/Name/Inscription you want on the product.
  • Matching items: Last, but not least you can even add a “Matching product” to the one you like: a matching ascot or matching hankie or bow tie, and in the last year you can even add a matching silk mask
Ready to order your unique custom silk tie or any other luxury handmade shirt, blazer or accessory?

Head over to our COLLECTIONS and start shopping or feel free to contact us for more info!

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