WE ARE THE OCEANS: Italo Ferretti for WATO





Italo Ferretti is proudly honoured to be part of one of the most internationally important project about our environment today: We Are The Oceans. WATO is in the process of filing for Inter-Governmental Organization status at the United Nations. WATO will serve and guide any government, private sector, civil society, and legitimized NGO seeking a way to confront the dire challenges our oceans face. WATO will exist to link these disparate entities together, providing a common lens through which they can align their activities primarily at the United Nations. WATO is steered by a group of United Nations Ambassadors and Member States that have come together to take immediate action to save our oceans.

The oceans face a massive and growing threat from plastics and choosing environment-friendly materials is one of the key to a better world. Italo Ferretti‘s products and packaging are completely plastic-free, and as an Italian luxury brand, we are proud to join the WATO project with our customized ties, realized for the .


WATO’s is educating through music, gaming and technology, accessing millennials on their terms, to tackle ocean sustainability issues. Aiming to inspire people and brands to make more sustainable lifestyle decisions to help the oceans and environment.

Oceans cover 71% of the planet and are home to important species and ecosystems that we rely on for food, livelihoods, climate regulation and more. But the oceans need our help, a plastic-free ocean can be possible. Saving the oceans can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, but if we all pitch in, we can make a big difference.

Click HERE to discover more on We Are The Oceans, and click HERE to discover more on what you can do about it.

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