Products wash and care instruction

Please handwash your silk/cashmere items to preserve their preciousness.

Fill the basin with lukewarm water (be careful – if it’s too warm your wool or cashmere can shrink).

Add a small amount of your specialist detergent – detergent for delicates, wool, and silk wash.

Let it soak for no more than 30 minutes rubbing delicately with your hands the fabric every now and then.

Rinse your silk/cashmere item thoroughly until all suds disappear – make sure you do not wring it.

Lay the garment on a towel on a flat surface (in case it’s a scarf, for instance, gently roll up the edges both upwards to remove any excess water).

To dry it, lay it flat in its original shape and avoid direct heat or sunshine.

Once dryed, if possible, store your product in its original packaging, or in a fabric bag, to safeguard against any deteriorating events.

If you can’t handwash it, please bring it to a professional laundry.

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