Handmade head scarf, 100% silk, floral pattern

Sartorial headscarf in precious silk, entirely handmade in Italy. An accessory dedicated to refined and elegant personalities, perfect for formal events, ceremonies, and to give peculiarity to more informal outfits. A headscarf can be the refined detail suitable for anyone in any occasion.


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Italo Ferretti headscarves are entirely handmade in Italy by master tailors, using precious silks. They are available in a large variety of styles, printed with peculiar patterns or monochrome. A headscarf is the perfect accessory to compliment both a formal outfit or a casual ansemble. Italo Ferretti headscarves give the distinctive elegant look for refined people. A simple headscarf can enhance the elegance of a formal outfit or give a touch of color to a basic look. Headscarves are a timeless accessory, an elegant and chic detail.







All orders are delivered in an Italo Ferretti blue cardboard package (box or sachet), the products are wrapped in Italo Ferretti signed tissue paper and silver ribbon. Italo Ferretti products all have the authenticity label and no. patent, when required.
When ordering, you can include, if desired, a card accompanied by a personal message, writing your wishes in the comments / notes area. A customer can replace a gift. For more details, please contact Customer Service.