Sustainability is more than a goal, it is a constant in Italo Ferretti's activity, and in all three of its forms:
environmental, ethical and economic.

100% hand-made production

Safeguarding the environment depends on each of us, on every small gesture, in the Italo Ferretti Headquarters 100% of the production processes are “hand-made", what makes our company great and renowned in the world, therefore, is also what allows the safeguarding of our environment, and thus sustainability.

Natural fibers

We save water and electricity operating with production steps that are carried out manually, thanks to the exceptional skills of our seamstresses and craftsmen. We choose and purchase natural fibers of the highest quality, certified according to international parameters.

Waste care

In each of the offices, production areas, and laboratories there are boxes for separate waste collection which is carried out diligently by each and every one of the employees. For the future, the company is also evaluating the adoption of energy solutions from renewable sources (especially a photovoltaic rooftop) which would further reduce the environmental impact, and would make the company take one more step towards total sustainability.

"zero km" employees

Italo Ferretti also pays attention to "ethical" sustainability, and in particular its founder has always really cared for his employees, who strongly contribute to sustainability considering that they are "zero km" . In fact, 97% of all employees of the company live at a very short distance from the operational headquarters, this proximity positively affects the quality of their life, both in terms of time and travel, and therefore also in economic and environmental sustainability terms.

Proudly Italian

Our founder Italo Ferretti had always also had the well-being of his territory, his town and region at heart, indeed he never de-localized production elsewhere, and even today all Italo Ferretti garments and accessories are 100% handmade in our factory in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo, Italy.

Handcrafted packaging

At an energy and economic level, a large percentage of the packaging that is handcrafted in the company also contributes as much as the products themselves. Lately, in addition to the use of paper and cardboard boxes, we have adopted, especially for clothing, a dust-bag made of silks, cottons and other natural organic fibers. This type of packaging which eliminates the "plastic bag" makes the garment even more precious, and strongly pushes the sustainability of our product forward.

Sustainable at heart

Italo Ferretti with its “handmade” has in itself a sustainable heart at its birth, and what we do today, is strongly maintaining its sustainable nature. However, we can and want to contribute more and more to caring for the environment with future steps aimed at improvements, especially in energy saving and with an eye to our carbon footprint, by studying a compensation plan for our CO2 emissions, which are already very low when compared with other realities.

Future steps

To date, what is missing in our company is definitely the "gender equality" component ... It should, in fact, be strongly rebalanced considering that 81% of Italo Ferretti employee are women!

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