Do you know how to use the NAVETTA? One of the special patented design of Italo Ferretti’s neckties.

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There is a “moving loop” on the small tail of the necktie, with a button-hole on the back. Once you wear your tie, adjust the Navetta to the hight of the preferred button on your shirt, and once buttoned, the Navetta will grant that your tie stays in place without the use of a tie clip (which would otherwise ruin the silk!)

The Navetta – Patent N ° 0233119
All Italo Ferretti ties are embellished and further enhanced by the special Navetta, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keep the tie in its correct position. The Navetta is a special tie-keeper, i.e. a fabric loop inserted in the back of the tie, which has a buttonhole that can attach the tie to the shirt so that the tie always remains in the right position, and close to the chest. An effective, smart, and more refined alternative to the obsolete tie-clips.

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