We are proud and honored to collaborate with Difesa Servizi S.p.A. for the creation of the new line of formal-wear accessories of the Police Brand.
The Italian State Police adds new elements to its collection of clothing and accessories and chooses Italo Ferretti as the official licensee authorized by the Department of Public Security for the creation and marketing of the new State Police brand ties.

This collection is designed for the State Police, a civil administration with a special system, the first Police Force with general jurisdiction. Since 1852, the men and women of the Italian Police have been at the service of citizens and democratic institutions with the task of ensuring public order and safety and providing for the prevention and repression of crimes.

The project is developed on two lines: the Aquila – Eagle line and the Pantera – Panter line

The Police EAGLE line


The Eagle, symbol of strength, honor, authority, and courage today distinguishes all the qualification badges of the Italian State Police.

The Police PANTER line

The Panther, which has always been the symbol of the Police Flying Squad, is a constant safeguard of safety and proximity for the whole national territory.

All the products are available online, worldwide, and are meant to be worn by anyone who loves the style, and supports the Police values all around the globe. These neckties are created in the true and original Italian style and are part of the original Polizia Sportswear collection.

Discover the complete POLICE BRAND collection HERE

All the products are provided with authenticity cards and a unique hologram, which distinguishes them from counterfeit items.

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