Italian male Model playing gold and wearing a suit and Italo Ferretti accessories

Meeting rooms are places where being conservative is often an advantage. We are referring to men fashion and formal wear of course! We believe that when it comes to choosing the outfit for the day, especially for meeting days, business days, work days, and office days in general, going formal keeps us in step with serious businessmen and makes us take our business and ourselves more seriously.

Being formal shows attention to detail, it shows respect for the moment, refinement, and therefore shows who we are. In the latest men’s fashion shows, we have noticed slim-fit suits, made with Italian and French fabrics and designs in particular. Tailored suits with a futuristic cut, sinuous and extremely oversized. In addition to taking a classic like the formal men’s suit to extremes, we also don’t have a sweet return to tone-on-tone, and to the timeless and refined jacket and trousers suit that has always been a symbol of elegance.

Keeping up with the new designs in formalwear isn’t easy… but making a classic blue suit flawless is possible. Just use superb men accessories and correctly combine them with your classy ensemble.  Of course, you should wear a tie set, it’s the ultimate formal wear combo, and the most elegant one to highlight the look, and make a statement on who you are, what you represent, and where you are heading. If you prefer wearing only pocket squares, we can live with that (we explain HERE our tips and tricks on how to combine pocket squares) just don’t be too neat when folding your hankie.

The key is making it look natural, and the easiest way is the inverted puff fold (take a look at the picture below). This is how to do the inverted puff fold: lay the hankie flat, pull it up by pinching the center, using your thumb and index finger, then fold it in half and stuff it in your breast pocket with the pointed edges facing upwards. Now you’re good to go, show confidence, and be a real formal wear CEO.

Italo Ferretti custom man accessories, with their unmistakable patterns, and precious handcrafting, are the best in the world for your unique style.

Finally, we want to highlight that we like streetwear a lot too, take a look at the Italo Ferretti T-shirts HERE for an example. But it’s called “street-wear” for a reason… right? In the office, and in business meetings, well.. let’s stick with conservative elegance and formal refinement!
Still in doubt about which patterns to choose? Polka dots (small ones) and micro patterns are the most classy and always spot-on choices.

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