Some clients and some ties passionate might be very expert about neckties, though they may not know some peculiarities about handmade ties, especially Italo Ferretti’s patented neckties.

There are tiny sewing pins and loose threads in our luxury handmade neckties!

It may look like the ties have escaped the final check before the shipping, and because of the loose threads, may seem they do not meet the top high-quality standards for being the best ties in the world

Actually, those threads (and tiny sewing pins, read more below) are some of the reasons why Italo Ferretti ties are the best handmade neckties in the entire globe. That little thread hanging behind the large tip of the tie is present in all our neckties. The threads indeed demonstrate that firstly the tie is handmade, and more importantly, they keep the tie perfect once it’s knotted. In fact, pulling the knot can cause the seams to curl, but those threads, with their extra length, ensure that the ties remain perfectly straight, distributing a little more thread along the tie when tightening the knot.

Moreover, some clients were gobsmacked when they found a tiny steel spike, a 13 millimeters sewing pin actually, inserted at the back tip of the tie, where the silk laps meet in the center. 

Again, it may look like we “forgot” to remove the dangerous mini-tool before shipping the product. On the contrary, we provide the ties with that tiny sewing pin to demonstrate the handcrafting, and to be able to show the beauty of the inner part of the lining. Using a seam to close the laps down the tip, we wouldn’t be able to open up the tie to show the beautiful part of the back lining and all the special handmade details.

Italo Ferretti has always used the little spike because it also helps to keep the tie in excellent condition when it lays for a long time in the drawers. Finally, of course, it can be removed as soon as you want to wear the tie, and you can place the sewing pin back after taking the necktie off.

Did you know about such peculiarities of Italo Ferretti’s unique handmade ties?

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