Spring Summer ’23 by Italo Ferretti: a fresh breeze.

First look at the new Italo Ferretti’s Spring Summer ’23 collection

Inspired by the fresh breeze of Italy’s “Bella stagione” beautiful seasons, the new spring-summer collection is a joyful redundance of colors verging on top-quality silk, cotton, and linen. The new pieces are a crisp breeze that refreshes the looks and outfits with vibrant colors and patterns.

Refined and comfy 100% cotton t-shirts and 100% silk shirts. The perfect elegance and informal look combo, the top-quality summer wear for men. Casual men’s t-shirts that won’t put aside your true luxury style. Italo Ferretti t-shirts and shirts are made with the finest silks and cotton to give the best wearability and comfort. The style and fitting of the t-shirts are characterized by a sartorial regular cut and fit, Italo Ferretti summer wear is the perfect choice for all men who desire comfy outfits without sacrificing elegance, and refinement.

Italo Ferretti’s handmade and custom shirts from the new spring-summer collection are realized with the finest sartorial tailoring, for the utmost perfect custom fit which can be personalized using the addons available on any product page. All the shirts are handcrafted in our headquarters in Abruzzo, Italy and they come only in 100% silk or 100% pure cotton jersey. Italo Ferretti shirts’ details are a classic open collar, elegant small buttons closure, and long sleeves.

Wearing an Italo Ferretti garment also means discovering the true luxury of a custom handmade piece, with exclusive fabrics that have unique characteristics of brilliance, softness, and solid dyes to guarantee all our clients the durability of the garments’ characteristics over time.

Italo Ferretti clothing, treated with the right care, will remain precious and intact for many years as if it had just been purchased. Furthermore, Italo Ferretti’s master tailors and seamstresses guarantee our customers a garment with a perfect fit, thanks to their experience in the Italian tailoring tradition, and unique and exclusive finishings.

Discover all the Italo Ferretti’s customizable pieces available online, how about a custom silk blazer or bomber jacket?

Italo Ferretti: exclusive, unique, and timeless.

Click HERE for the new SPRING SUMMER Collection

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