Excellence is not an act, but a habit – Italo Ferretti since 1967

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotele)

Italo Ferretti is excelling in handmade fashion since 1967. Time is precious, time is richness, time is luxury. The time it takes our skilled tailors to realize every product is exactly what makes each item precious, rich and luxurious.

This is how you make a necktie > Click HERE and watch the video

After leaving Abruzzo in the early sixties, Italo Ferretti had the commercial flair and genius to design and create a line of silk ties inspired by Star Wars saga back in 1977/78, which resulted in an instant huge success. Creator of the Brioni ties for almost 3 decades (from 1979 to 2005), and first contributor to the success and fame of Brioni ties thanks to an unrivaled production on the market, made of the highest quality fabrics and with unique, original patents. At the end of the collaboration with Brioni, Italo Ferretti has devoted entirely to the consolidation of its brand international brand, utilizing all the product know-how gained in decades of success.

The Right Tie makes you look all the more confident, bold and gentle at the same time. It indicates to the character that you hold on a given day. When it comes to choosing a tie, why choosing an Italo Ferretti Tie?

Because you can guess the high quality of the fabric at first touch; because it has the handmade perfection no machine can give; because it’s bespoke and made to measure and customized; because it will instantly upgrade any basic wardrobe and appearance; because it shows the time it took to realize it and the luxury it holds.

Model wearing SS20 light blue woven silk tie by Italo Ferretti 

And yes, a handmade in Italy dimpled tie is all you need to add the required class to your perfect looks.

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Italo Ferretti believes creativity becomes elegance when the accessory is a piece of art. Indeed, sophisticated, art inclined and groomed men are those who most appreciate Italo Ferretti luxury ties. The collections come from a careful selection of materials and fashion design and patterns to make each piece unique, exclusive and perfect for any client seeking made to measure, bespoke and high-quality sartorial standards.

In the most sophisticated and artistic of all the collections, the handpainted collection available on italoferretti.com, each tie is a unique piece. Every piece is painted using techniques handed down over time by drawing artists. The collection expands to women too offering also handpainted scarves which you can check out here.

handpainted tie with japanese tiger by italo ferretti Handpainted ties by Italo Ferretti 

blue and turquoise handpainted tie Italo ferretti Handpainted Collection

Find your favorite handmade masterpiece on italoferretti.com 

Discover the fragrances by Italo Ferretti, contact our Customer Service

Silk Fragrance by italo Ferretti

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