Italo Ferretti celebrates the holiday season with the newest addition to its exclusive and luxurious collections. The famous Italian silk manufacturer Brand has just released the cutest project so far, dedicating a sweet formal line to Pets, and all our for our 4-legged friends, thanks to the collaboration with LUXPETS: the only Italian website dedicated to high-quality luxury products

<< “Often our customers, even the Very Important Persons, asked us for replicas of their Italo Ferretti accessories for their puppies. And therefore, considering the inclusiveness that distinguishes Italo Ferretti products for their possibility of being personalized in any size and variant, it seemed natural to take a further step and include a line dedicated to PETS, which are an integral part of our daily lives, and especially in the most important and ceremonious moments. Pets in weddings are a new and increasingly popular trend, particularly at luxury wedding venues, in fact, we receive more and more requests for wedding accessories even for puppies as “special wedding furry guests”. >>

Dogs’ bow tie and tuxedo collar, in 100% silk with Swarovski crystals application, adjustable collar, handmade in Italy.
Red bow tie for Pets by Italo Ferretti
Pet t-shirt in 100% printed silk, bib in 100% stretch cotton, floral pattern, handmade in Italy

Italo Ferretti PETS is a collection of pet products made with the same care, with the same mastery, unique and handmade, exactly like those that the company creates for their owners. Pets’ accessories in silk and cotton, natural, hypoallergenic, and precious materials, for the utmost care of our puppies and a fitting that is always soft and comfortable for maximum freedom of movement for dogs and cats (or any other fashion lover puppy!).

Dog Bandana in 100% printed silk, micro-check pattern, with adjustable collar, handmade in Italy

Pet bow tie, 100% yarn dyed silk, with adjustable collar, handmade in Italy

Discover the full Italo Ferretti PETS collection HERE

Italo Ferretti PETS original packaging

All ITALO FERRETTI PETS accessories can be purchased online on HERE, and on


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