We perfectly know the power of a tie… and where it can lead, and it shouldn’t be underestimated. For men’s fashion, a tie is to a suit what icing is to a cake. In fact, Oscar Wilde once said, “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” and we obviously agree.

That being said, here is a list of the best ties for each style and occasion, from timeless classics to eccentric Italo Ferretti prints.

Printed or woven silk ties

It’s no surprise that Italo Ferretti silk ties are at top of the range, the prism-like structure refracts light at many angles, giving it the shimmering look and giving the fabric an unctuously soft touch. The road toward dressing in silk is paved with panache tailoring, sharp suits, and others’ jealous outfits. Also, printed silk ties and woven silk ties, can be worn whenever you please, and they should be accompanying your best tailoring, but even jeans and a white simple shirt will be transformed into a remarkably stylish look.

Colorful patterned ties

Woven silk tie, bright yellow background and light blue paisley pattern – Italo Ferretti Spring Summer Collection

A patterned tie is a wonderful choice, and when done right it embodies the Bella Vita and the playful flair of dressing up. What we need to stress is to tread carefully. Just avoid forcing, for instance, a pinstripe suit with a paisley tie… When going for an Italo Ferretti patterned tie, keep in mind it already has unique, and exclusive wonderful patterns, therefore simply pair it with a monochrome suit, since the lively tie already shows as the centerpiece. Nobody wants to discomfort people’s sight during important occasions, be they weddings or business meetings.

Touchy knit ties

The Italo Ferretti tricot ties deliver texture, theatre, and lightweight porousness. The thick yet soft surface makes it dreamy for pairing with textured garments, such as tweed, wool, mohair, cord, or seersucker. Also, they have a peculiar, useful, and phenomenal plus: the very crinkled surface of the tie lets you roughly stuff it into the corner of your luggage when traveling, and pick it up after 24h just as fresh as it went in.

That being said, what makes Italo Ferretti ties very special, is the full customization our clients can apply, so there is no space for measurement mistakes or doubles in the room!

Realize your perfect custom tie online now and be at the top of your style game.

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