‘The Big Sartorialist’ wears Italo Ferretti

More than 13k followers on Instagram Mr. Dan Newman, aka The Big Sartorialist wears Italo Ferretti and is all about ” Dressing well and fashion for big men ” as he states on all his social media accounts.

Dan is all about ‘fashion for passion and fun’ never fulfilling other than ourselves expectation of what a big guy should wear. His style is pretty formal, traditional and conservative but with bright pops of color and fun elements.

He says it’s not easy being a big Gent with style. Unless you customize everything you like, which is exactly what Italo Ferretti can do. Common clothes don’t fit, shopping is hard and is very frustrating having to compromise for the wardrobe selections. At Italo Ferretti’s headquarters, anyone can personalize in patterns, colors, size and or measurements any clothing item such as shirts, vests, trousers, suits, jackets, suspenders, belts … Click here to see Italo Ferreti’s customizable T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and more or send a request to [email protected] to personalize your favorite garment.

First of all, to dress like a gentleman, being a big man, Dan says someone should pay attention to the details. It doesn’t matter how big you are, learn to accessorize the details. Dan shows in his blog and profiles how to pair light blue and pink, green and yellow, purple and red! It’s not easy but he does it perfectly well pulling off the details. 

Neckties are his most striking accessory, and it has been very complicated in the beginning to get the right ones, as The Big Sartorialist recalls. Dan likes a full Windsor knot which can be realized (in his size) only if the tie is 2m long. Many big men won’t wear a tie because it’s hard to know which ones will work or worst because they can’t find one with the right size for big guys.

Proportions are essential for big men.  A 3″ tie on a big guy will look much smaller than the same one on a more average-sized man.  In general most big men need at least a 58″ tie in order to reach the top part of the pants and that’s using a half-Windsor or four in hand knot.  If you want to tie a full-windsor knot, you’ll need a longer tie, a 2m long, 10 cm width necktie. That is the measurement Italo Ferretti realized for Mr. Newman so that he could tie his knot as he pleases without the usual compromises.

That said, @thebigsartorialist proves that a Big Gentleman – with the right knowledge of menswear and the right bespoke company – can be sharp, stylish and full of grace pulling off a handsome look no matter his size or shape. Big guys do can dress well and be comfortable.

Anyone should be free to express his personal sense of fashion not having to “fit” in what the world is behind, and should just have the possibility to be himself. So, get tailored! The most common mistakes for big guys are, indeed, purchasing poorly fitting ready to wear clothes, wanting to fit into a fashion trend and not your own style, and last but not least not using a tailor! As he confirms, it’s totally useless trying to shop off the rack because, in the end, you’ll only be very disappointed with the style, the size and/or the uncomfortableness.

Mr. Dan Newman embodies the purest dapper essence of dressing well, enjoying the fashion game and being so very comfortable with it. For an XXL or XXXL guy who wants to show his personality and be free to dress up or, why not, over dress up, Italo Ferretti is the perfect choice when you don’t want necessarily to fit in what society dictates or can’t fit his big character in obsolete common outfits.

The Big Sartorialist is an unusual powerlifter, physician and Healthcare IT, none of this roles in facts correspond to the general image expectations given by our society. And the fact that Dan is not fitting in those images, is just so perfectly fine. He is a perfect example of how to pull off colors and style with some uniqueness if you’re a bigger man.

The Big Sartorialist thinks the most common mistakes that big people make when buying clothes are mostly 3: 1) Purchasing poorly fitting ready to wear clothes, 2) Purchasing clothes to fit into a fashion trend and not your own style, and 3) Not using a tailor!

His 3 most important tips to build a “Big Gent Wardrobe” are:  n.1 – Make sure you pick the right fabrics. Picking fabrics that are lighter in weight, more resilient and get it made for yourself by a professional tailor, custom made clothing, by the way, takes only 2 weeks!

n.2 – Consider different fit options. If you have a big belly, or big chest, or big legs, there are few options you might consider, and knowing this may help you with suspenders too (which are also customizable on italoferretti.com!

n.3 – Find the right clothier! Find yourself a mentor, and you can always give Italo Ferretti a call (+39 085 93671331) or send an email ([email protected])  or even our live chat at the bottom right-hand corner of our website. It’s very important to find a true expert to help you choose the right selections for your wardrobe.

Tailored handmade silk tie by Italo FerrettiAnd lastly… embrace colors! Be bright, be bold, be yourself! Below you can see the tie chosen by Dan for his ensemble in the pictures.

Check out all his social media profiles to discover all his suggestions about “How to dress well for big men” and take inspiration for all your luminous future outfits!

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