Italo Ferretti ties are the perfect way to express your individuality. With so much standardized men’s fashion, we believe that some colour and luxury with your ties can make your personality pop up. Wearing the right tie shows style, excellent wit, and also a keen eye for details. With a thick, quality finish, a seven-fold tie is the apex of luxury neckwear thanks to the rich and copious use of high-quality silk, and the thorough handcrafting required for each one.

The Italo Ferretti 7-fold tie is made from one large piece of silk folded 7 times on itself, to give the necktie structure and thickness. An expensive construction that requires 2 to 3 times more silk than a classic tie (that has only 3 folds), and that grants an incomparable touch, and feeling when wearing them. What’s more to our exclusive 7 fold ties is that they can be customized with names, inscriptions, and more (in THIS blog article you can discover more on personalizations), and you can even add a matching silk box (see all the available Packaging HERE).


That’s what’s the difference between a 3 and 7-fold tie? Well, three fold ties are the most common ones, the most classic version you’ll probably be familiar with. Those classic ties are made with a precise silk cut and then folded around the lining like an envelope.
How to recognize if a necktie is a 7-fold tie? There are unique features that can be immediately noticed: firstly, at first sight, you could tell the knot is fuller, and the seven-fold tie is thicker than usual ties. Also, when holding it in your hands, you’ll feel a more hefty weight and a unique, larger drape.
Are seven-fold ties better? Of course, they are. They have a more opulent and luxurious finishing thanks to the sheer amount of silk fabric used, they give a heavier and more “dressed” sensation when worn.
And lastly, when tightening a seven fold necktie, you’ll feel more structure and it will stay just where you put it.
Italo Ferretti’s ties are considered the best ties in the world, and our seven fold ties make no exception. Italo Ferretti’s 7-fold ties are handmade in Italy, in our headquarters in Silvi Marina, Abruzzo, just like all our handcrafted products. Our expert Italian tailors use a whole cloth of precious silk to realize one seven-fold tie. The bug fabric is folded 7 times and then sewn together, to build the body of the tie’s structure. Each step in the making is done uniquely by hand, even the tie tips are hand roll hemmed.
Discover the beauty of a seven-fold tie: select any preferred silk fabric in our catalog HERE and use the customization options available on any tie page to make it a 7 fold tie.

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